Self-propelled chassis

Self-propelled chassis

We have also been building powered chassis for some time. Also known as self-propelled chassis.

What is a powered chassis? It starts with a basic car by Fiat or Renault. We utilise the possibilities of the Fiat Ducato or the Renault Master.

We then attach a chassis behind it that can fully meet your requirements in terms of size. Again, these are not standard products, but are always delivered to order.

The chassis is ideal for building a body for a sales car. This is due to the very low standard floor height. The floor height in the walkway at the centre is approximately 260 mm. With sheet spring suspension, this is slightly higher.

Often, it is also worth your while to choose a Nefra chassis with single axle versions instead of building, for example, a chassis-cab with a platform. The advantage lies mostly in the fact that the Nefra chassis is fully customised and that there is almost no corrosion on the chassis because it is fully hot-dip galvanised.

The benefits of a Nefra chassis:

  • Always a fully hot-dip galvanised chassis.
  • Versions with air suspension are equipped with an electric compressor.
  • Size in close consultation with the bodywork manufacturer.
  • Integrated towing hook ( only on the 3,500 kg versions ).
  • Countertop support for sufficient strength in the chassis.
  • Close cooperation with almost all sales car builders in the Netherlands and a few in Belgium

The chassis that is attached behind primarily comes in three versions:

  • Tandem axle air suspended with a maximum permissible total weight of 6,500 kg on the Fiat Ducato, and 6,000 kg on the Renault Master
  • Single axle air suspended with a maximum permissible total weight of 3,.500 kg.
  • Single axle sheet spring suspended with a maximum permissible total weight of 3,500 kg.

The components we use for the additional rear axle are original components from the brand of car that was used as the basic vehicle. This makes it very easy to have the vehicle serviced at your own dealer in your area.

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NEFRA 6 × 2 Master chassis in England

Powered chassis

We have been building powered chassis for quite some time. Also known as self-driving chassis. View all the benefits of Nefra chassis.

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