Special Construction

We build everything entirely according to your wishes. And almost anything is possible. Of course, there are limits to what is technically feasible, and we have to adhere to European legislation. But usually, together, we can develop a product that meets these strict requirements.

For a waste disposal company, we developed a car that can collect waste containers in parking garages. The big problem, of course, was the height (max 190 cm). That is why we equipped the vehicle with hydraulic suspension all around, allowing the vehicle to lower itself in its entirety. For the rear wheel suspension, we developed a unique system that eliminates the entire rear axle. This makes it possible to place a load between the rear wheels.

This system can also be used for the construction of a body that can lower itself to the ground. This means a floor height of approximately 50 mm remains. With the addition of a small ramp, this makes it easy to, for instance, roll in containers.

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