Market trailer Special

Market trailer Special

At the request of Kreugel Kaas from Groenekan we have developed a semi-trailer in which the gooseneck automatically collapses on the market. As a result, no valuable sales space is lost on the market and the trailer looks very nicely finished.

A hydraulic maneuvering system has also been installed which makes it possible to drive the trailer without a tractor in place.

Naturally, the semi-trailer is equipped with air-pressure brakes and air suspension and has been made so that lower floor height is created.

In consultation with bodybuilder Paul Valkenaers from Aarschot, Belgium, some adjustments have been made to the chassis so that a very good end product has been achieved.

If you want more information about this semi-trailer, or about other products, you can contact Nefra Voertuigtechniek on telephone number 0651 259604.