Complete chassis

Complete chassis

For the coach builder who is fed up with always having to keep track of every technical change regarding brakes and lighting requirements, and wants to fully concentrate on bodywork, we offer the possibility to purchase a fully roadworthy chassis, so that construction of the bodywork can begin immediately. This chassis is equipped with a complete brake system including lighting, shielding, and side shielding.

All chassis are fully galvanised and come with all required inspection documents. Special wishes like modifications for matters such as tailgates are also possible.

We are highly specialised in manufacturing chassis for sales cars. We also take care of the entire hydraulic control for the valve, the countertop, and possibly other purposes as well.

We have fully controlled manoeuvring systems for both trailers and semi-trailers. This makes coupling and decoupling and putting the vehicle into position significantly easier.

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Renault Master 6×2
Renault Master Hefboxx
Promotion semi-trailer chassis
Sales vehicle chassis

Powered chassis

We have been building powered chassis for quite some time. Also known as self-driving chassis. View all the benefits of Nefra chassis.

Special construction

We build everything according to your wishes. Almost anything you want is possible. A product that meets the strict requirements.

Truck specials

Nefra is also the right place for customizing your truck body. We can take care of the entire construction for you.


We make trailers exactly as you envision them. We can usually work out your ideas completely in the vehicle.

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